1. I’m an introvert. I’m uncomfortable meeting or hanging out with new people.
  2. I work better alone. If I’m going to be a superhero, I’m not going to join any groups like Justice League or Avengers or Superhero Anonymous. I’m also not going to have a Robin.
  3. I save lots of time and energy from road traffic.
  4. Bad-hair days don’t bother me anymore.
  5. I can work and deal with business people (CEOs and company presidents) on my boxer shorts.
  6. It’s bring-your-kid-at-work every day for me.
  7. I don’t have to miss social gatherings and TV shows. I can work anytime I want.
  8. I don’t have to dress up to impress every day. It’s tiring.
  9. No office politics.
  10. I save money from buying clothes and laundry soap.

Working From Home