Welcome to FREElancer Mind. I’m very thankful that you’re interested enough to check what this blog is all about.

This blog is dedicated for heavy (coffee) drinkers, while working online as freelancers. I provide information everything about Virtual Assistants, news about the freelancing industry and reviews for products that we use to make our work faster and life easier.

I also share lifestyles including my own to give inspiration and to show you what it is like to be a Virtual Assistant and a freelancer.


I started this blog as a guide to those who want to join the work from home online career. A lot of people I know asks me how to do it every time they hear that I’m earning online from home. Since I’m getting similar questions a lot of time, I can just point them here so I could guide them in full details (and do it once).

I consider this blog as more of a guide than an encouragement. Because let’s face it, not all jobs and careers are suitable for everybody. Even the most lucrative jobs and businesses cannot be done by every person even if the can do it. Either the job is not fit with your skills, personality, passion, or you just don’t feel it. And freelancing and Virtual Assistance is no different from other jobs in terms of this.

So you too should consider this blog as a guide. I’m not going to lie and attract you by repeatedly and exaggeratingly saying that this is the best job in the world. No it’s not.

But you’ll sometimes read it like I’m saying it is the best job in the world but it’s just because I’m enjoying it. I could say that it is the best job for me.


I’m still learning. I believe that learning never ends. So follow me in my journey. I will share everything that I know, my success and my mistakes, to help you in your freelancing business.

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Enjoy and learn, you must. – Yoda