Hi! I’m Ken Yamamoto, freelancer and a professional Virtual Assistant. Freelancer Mind is a blog about freelancing. It was built to help freelancers solve their problems, answer their questions and make their work easier and faster.

One of my main goal is to help people who wants to start a freelancing business. So I have many articles that are specially written for professionals who are thinking of changing careers or making that cross from corporate world to freelancing. Or from 9 to 5 jobs to home based jobs.

I was motivated to build a blog that would help those who wants to know more about this business. I was asked many times by friends on how do I do it and how do they start. I’m also seeing the same questions online more and more as time goes by. So instead of answering the same questions repeatedly, I decided to build a blog where I can write my answers once and publish online and direct the inquiries here.

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