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Upwork is set to change fees this June

Earlier this month, the leading online workplace for freelancers, Upwork, has announced that there will be a big change in their fees. Instead of the current 10% fee that is applicable to all transactions, the new sliding service fee will depend on the amount that you earn from your client. Through an open letter posted […]

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HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion 550-165d review

I just bought a computer months ago. My old one is still functioning well but I need a higher spec to handle the raising demands of my work. As time goes by, software and applications get bigger in sizes and eats lots of memory to run and storage. As a VA, I don’t just use […]

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Live with the King

Being a Virtual Assistant, I find it important to be always connected with my clients. After work, I have to check my email and messenger once in a while to anticipate my working day next day (so I know if I have to take a deep breath at the start of the day or lose […]

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Xoom is now officially a Paypal company

For Freelancers like me who have clients overseas, how many of you who also use Xoom to receive payments? It’s a great online money remittance service, isn’t it? Well, it’s officially a Paypal company today. Beginning today, you will see a small Paypal logo under the Xoom word on its banner. Xoom, for the sake […]

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Take it easy. You need a rest

If you’ve been a Virtual Assistant or a Freelancer working at home online for quite some time and your “iron is hot”, you might neglect about getting rest. It is most probably that you’re excited or enthusiastic on accepting more clients that you can handle. Your reason: it’s not permanent. There could be times that […]

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How I Fixed My Error 105

Are you having an Error 105 right now? It is the kind of error that you can’t load up websites. Every time you go to a website, it gives you a page that says, “This webpage is not available.” It’s kinda frustrating especially to us who browse the internet for work. It limits our productivity […]

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10 Things Why I Love Working At Home Online

I’m an introvert. I’m uncomfortable meeting or hanging out with new people. I work better alone. If I’m going to be a superhero, I’m not going to join any groups like Justice League or Avengers or Superhero Anonymous. I’m also not going to have a Robin. I save lots of time and energy from road […]

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Windows 10

Windows 10 for Free

If you already have the small Windows logo on your system tray, you already know the news. But if not, read along. Microsoft is offering a free upgrade on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 to Windows 10. You just have to make a reservation by subscribing through email and they will send you notification on […]

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Upwork is the New oDesk

Earlier this month, oDesk has re-launched itself with the new name Upwork. The company CEO Stephane Kasriel posted an open letter to Upwork’s official blog announcing the relaunch. According to Kasriel, the change will feature the four major improvements in the website: faster hiring, better collaboration, larger teams, and professional growth. For more information, read […]

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