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Upwork is set to change fees this June

Earlier this month, the leading online workplace for freelancers, Upwork, has announced that there will be a big change in their fees. Instead of the current 10% fee that is applicable to all transactions, the new sliding service fee will depend on the amount that you earn from your client. Through an open letter posted […]

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10 Things Why I Love Working At Home Online

I’m an introvert. I’m uncomfortable meeting or hanging out with new people. I work better alone. If I’m going to be a superhero, I’m not going to join any groups like Justice League or Avengers or Superhero Anonymous. I’m also not going to have a Robin. I save lots of time and energy from road […]

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No Skills and Experience to Sell?

I often encounter a question from someone who wants to start a Virtual Assistant career asking, “How much should a freelancer charge without skills and experience?” and “Should a freelancer without skills and experience accept a low offer by a client, offering a training?” By the way, skills mentioned here means skills in a job […]

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