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The perks (and hassle) of being a freelancer.


Take it easy. You need a rest

If you’ve been a Virtual Assistant or a Freelancer working at home online for quite some time and your “iron is hot”, you might neglect about getting rest. It is most probably that you’re excited or enthusiastic on accepting more clients that you can handle. Your reason: it’s not permanent. There could be times that […]

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10 Things Why I Love Working At Home Online

I’m an introvert. I’m uncomfortable meeting or hanging out with new people. I work better alone. If I’m going to be a superhero, I’m not going to join any groups like Justice League or Avengers or Superhero Anonymous. I’m also not going to have a Robin. I save lots of time and energy from road […]

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fun at work

Love Your Game

When I was a teenager, I always read about rockstars saying it is lucky to get paid to do what you love to do. Not the exact words but something like that. I remembered this words when my wife talked about her cousin who loves to cook. She said that when she stayed on her […]

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