Are you having an Error 105 right now? It is the kind of error that you can’t load up websites. Every time you go to a website, it gives you a page that says, “This webpage is not available.”

Error 10

It’s kinda frustrating especially to us who browse the internet for work. It limits our productivity a lot.

Because of this, I tried to look for a solution with the help of ol’ good buddy Google. I saw several causes and solutions but almost all are too complicated for me. Since I’m not familiar with their process and terms, it’s too frightening for me to try it. I was thinking that I might just mess up my computer.

But I saw a very simple solution on Google product forum that it’s so simple that I immediately tried it.

To my surprise, it worked.

What did I do?

The solution said was to create a new browser profile in Chrome. It even instructed a bit complicated way to do it but I knew a much more simple way to do it.

Chrome ProfileOn your Chrome browser, click the tab on the top right side of the browser. If you already set up your profile in your Chrome browser, you will see your name there.


When you clicked it, it will give you an option whether to “Switch person” or “Go incognito”. Click “Switch person”.

After this, you will be given a small window with option to “Browse as Guest” or “Add a person”. What I did is to “Browser as Guest” because I just like to find out that time if it will work.

Chrome Profile 2

Please don’t be distracted with the face. Keep on reading.

When I browse as guest, it worked! All of the websites that I can’t access suddenly appeared. No hassle.

It’s just that when you browse as guest, your extensions and bookmarks will not be included in your browser.

You can transfer or copy these if you create a new browser profile. But a Google Forum said that you have to think twice on doing this because your profile might be corrupted and transferring your account will result in the same problem. (I’m sorry I can’t find the link to that Google Forum)

P.S. This step doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent solution. Your computer or Chrome might be experiencing another problem. Actually, I still don’t know what causes it. It didn’t happened in my computer before. This experience was a kind of a “hit and miss” solution.

I just posted it because it might also solve a problem for someone. And another reason is that it’s not hard to do and anyone, including non-techy person like me, can do it.

Let me know if it helped you.