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How To Know If You Have The Skills To Be A Virtual Assistant?

If you’re thinking of starting a new career as a Virtual Assistant, one of your questions might be, “Do I have skills to be a Virtual Assistant?” or “What skills are needed to be a Virtual Assistant?”.

So how will you know if you have the skills for this business?

Lots of work can be outsourced online now. Not only online jobs but also things that are done in the company’s office before can be done at your home office today. Like for example, bookkeeping, marketing, etc. Even jobs that you can’t imagine can be done online! Musicians, singers, speakers, photographers, etc. found their place to do work online.

Now, some of these skills are not for Virtual Assistant specifically but I’m going to include this since aspiring to be a Virtual Assistant also means you’re looking for an online job. I think it doesn’t matter what you do online as long as you’re making money, right? (and of course, as long as it is legal, and moral.)

Aside from data entry, which is the most preferred job online by newbies, think first of the skills you already have. And I mean anything. Any skills that you have. Even the ones that you can’t imagine that you can use for an online job.

Make a list of it.

Then create an account in Upwork (formerly oDesk). Creating an account on Upwork is free.

Then after you had created an account, browse for the available categories for your skills. Start browsing a wider category. Within that general category, you will see a lot more specific category that you can choose that are related to your skills.

On the website’s menu/navigation, click the ‘FIND WORK’ tab beside the website’s logo or the ‘Find Jobs’ tab on the black bar menu.

Upwork Menu

When you’re on the FIND WORK page, scroll down until you see the My Categories box on the left sidebar and click the ‘edit My Categories’ at the bottom of the box.

My Categories Upwork

And after that, choose what skills you have in subcategories.

Skills Category Upwork

This is not the whole page. There are still more down.

My musician friend is currently working at Elance. He’s a musical arranger. He’s doing projects for musical backgrounds, jingles, etc.

And online jobs are not limited to online workplace like these two websites I mentioned. You can see them on specific sites like magazine sites, software sites, etc. Some websites post their job vacancies/openings in their company.

Most of these jobs offered by companies and posted on their own websites are can be done remotely, or a work-at-home kind of jobs. And I think that these jobs are more preferable because what they offer are usually full-time jobs or regular jobs compared to the jobs offered in Upwork.

Upwork Skills/Job categories include:

  • Web, Mobile & Software Dev
  • Design & Creative
  • Admin Support
  • IT & Networking
  • Writing
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Translation
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Legal
  • Accounting & Consulting

In these categories includes lots of sub-categories. And as I have mentioned, Virtual Assistant jobs and other online jobs are not limited to these categories. There are still more out there. I’m sure you will find your place in online jobs. Good luck on your new career. Happy job hunting!

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  1. Anyone who needs more income can be a virtual assistant, provided they have the temperment. Great article! More people should do this who are in transition or need extra income.

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