I just bought a computer months ago. My old one is still functioning well but I need a higher spec to handle the raising demands of my work.

As time goes by, software and applications get bigger in sizes and eats lots of memory to run and storage. As a VA, I don’t just use MS Word, Photoscape and Skype (how I wish I do). I use lots of software for marketing, web development, video editing, advanced photo editing, screen recording, communication, etc. I’m a Jack of all trades, master of pizza.

And in the nature of my work, I can’t avoid to open several applications simultaneously, and we know that it makes the computer slower.

I was originally looking for an Acer desktop because my previous one, an Acer, served me for 6 years without breaking down. She’s a very reliable computer but we have to part ways because she can’t handle my work’s demands anymore.

When I walked inside the computer store, although my plan is to check for Acer desktops, I can’t help but notice this white desktop among other common color black desktops. It’s the HP Pavilion 550-165d.

HP Pavilion 550-165d


It might be a love at first sight. The HP Pavilion 550-165d has a modern minimal design. It’s white color and clean design is a perfect match for a neat room and table. It makes your workstation elegantly looking (which is far from my former workstation.)

Since she already caught my attention, I gave it a chance to check her. And I found out that she has everything that I’m looking for on an assistant. She’s not only a beauty outside, but has substance inside.

I’m talking about her i3-6100 Intel Core processor with 3.7 GHz speed, 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD. Now she might not impress you. I know there are much better choices but I’m at the mercy of my budget.

After all, I don’t do much of video editing and Photoshop and I don’t have time to play anymore so a super computer is just a waste of budget.

The HP Pavilion 550-165d is also upgradable of up to 16GB RAM and 3TB HDD. So I don’t need to buy a new desktop just to upgrade memory and storage. It is also capable of dual monitor.

HP Pavilion 22xw 21.5-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor


HP Pavilion 22xw 21.5-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor

Speaking of monitor, this made me decide to buy this computer package. The sales guy pointed to the monitor’s box saying it is included in the package. My heart beats fast.

When he released the monitor out of the box to test it, my pupils got bigger (I know it).

It’s a 22-inch LED backlit monitor that is not only a stunner but also makes everything on the screen beautiful.

It has an IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology which allows you to view on the screen clearly in any angle.

The monitor has cool display controls that makes it easy on your eyes even you spend a long time on the internet and reading.

The monitor connects to the desktop through HDMI connection instead of the usual VGA although a VGA port is available on the monitor and a VGA cable is included in the pack.

HP Wireless keyboard and Mouse combo

Keyboard and Mouse

HP Wireless keyboard and Mouse combo

What’s also included on the computer package is the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Now here comes the flaw of this computer package.

The keyboard is narrower than usual PC keyboard but the keys are sacrificed. I’m not sure if the keys are really not in their proper place (like what I had read in a review). What I’m sure is that my fingers need to get used to the placing of the keys especially the very narrow, vertically placed “Enter” key and the arrow keys.

The mouse is a bit heavier than my previous one so my hands also needs to get used to it.


All in all, I’m happy with my new HP Pavilion 550-165d. With its elegant, clean and modern design, I’m forced to clean and organize my workstation every day to not to waste its beauty. But I’m not complaining. I just found out that a clean table is a pleasure to the eyes.

About the performance, it is really noticeable how fast my work has become. My applications do not freeze anymore even if I’m using a specialized software and opened with others at the same time. They can also be opened immediately. And I don’t have to wait (or waste) a lot of time just to open and close my computer. My work is a breeze now.

The HP Pavilion 550-165d is a user-friendly computer. It has pre-installed HP software to provide support and assistance, software update, and to track your product warranty. Mine has 1 year.

The HP Pavilion 550-165d also comes in Windows 10. I understand that this desktop is HP’s new release so a new release model and a new OS makes you on top of everything. Updated, I mean.

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images by HP.com, slidewshow images: mine.