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My Story

The reason why I became a freelancer is a story of heartbreak and inspiration. I started to get an idea about freelancing and homebased jobs when I heard it from my brother. He told me that he has a friend working from home on the internet. I asked how does he do it and he said through oDesk (currently Upwork).

I immediately created an account but I did not pursued it. I lacked the enthusiasm that time because earning money at home online is not a reality to me yet.

But I received a job offer from someone (offline) in which I can also work from home online. It’s a typing job. But after a month of hard work and incomplete sleep, I was not paid.

I was furious. And I promised to myself that I have to earn something online since I already done it, no matter if the scammer pays or I earn it from another online job.

So I pursued the oDesk.

I will never forget the first time I got a contract. It was a writing job and it lasted for a year. And the rest was history.


I’m not a writer before I started freelancing. Writing was just a hobby. I’m already starting to blog before I started my freelancing career. I’m a Christian and I wanted to share my faith to other people and I discovered blogging and I realized that it is a great platform to reach many people.

I researched for a blogging platform and I created an account on And I wrote my blog posts. But I’m always not satisfied with my blog’s design and whenever I see special features on other blogs, I do my research on how I can do it on my blog. Then slowly I started to learn HTML and CSS coding.

I really became passionate with blogging that I read a lot about it. And I made a very important discovery that time: that I could make money from blogging. That eBook Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak has opened a lot of opportunities for me. I researched more. And I learned Internet Marketing.

These are my stepping stones when I’m just building my profile on oDesk. And many of my past clients are kind enough to teach me new skills while I’m getting paid.

I’m very passionate with learning. Whenever I hear “free instructional”, “access to premium memberships”, etc. I grab it.

I believe in Richard Branson’s statement. “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

Everything that I know that I’m using in my business today is a product of self-learning and learning opportunities from clients.


I’m currently working for Doug Crowe, the coolest guy on the planet (if I’ll be given a raise every time I say this, I’ll be receiving a CEO-level compensation now.)

We are a marketing company that mainly helps authors, professionals and entrepreneurs to publish their first book, make them Amazon best seller, and help them establish their online presence. We build websites, create books (paperback and Kindle), sales funnels, social media pages, etc.

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