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Here are the tools the I often use and recommend.

Disclosure: Some of the links to the products here especially premium products include affiliate links, which means that if you were taken to the store or sales page through my link and bought a product, I will receive a commission. It will not cost you anything. They will just reward me for referring you to them.


Website tools

WordPress Themes


Woothemes Canvas Woothemes Canvas

Woothemes Canvas theme is a clean and simple WordPress theme with limitless customization.

Landing Pages for WordPress


Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes offers stunning design WordPress themes. It has a wide option for customization and features, perfect for marketers.


eCommerce WordPress Plugin



Another great product from Woothemes. WooCommerce is now the leading eCommerce tools, software and WordPress plugin. It is free and easy to use. I use it on my other blog for affiliate marketing promoting books.


Web hosting


A competitive web hosting that offers special hosting for WordPress. Aside from loads of freebies for hosting packages, they also have a great customer service.


Email Marketing


MailChimp is one of the leading email marketing service today. It is best for starters who wants to start collecting emails because it provides free subscription for up to 2,000 emails and 12,000 emails per month. You can upgrade if your list exceeds 2,000 and if you want to add more features.



Canva is a great banner creator service. You can create an account for free and create banners for your website header, social media header, marketing adverts, infographics, and even Kindle (ebook) covers. It has unlimited customization of fonts, colors, templates and provide free images for background. Other images are available for as low as $1.


Password Management tool


Lastpass is one of my favorite tools. It made my job a lot easier. It stores all your login details and has option to automatically enters them whenever you login to your accounts. It can also store your basic information for account creation so you don’t have to manually enter your information on fields over again the next time you create an account. You can enter your information in just one click.


Project Management is one of the leading project management service today. They provide everything a business needs for its team; collaboration, team profile, integration, chat, file upload, time-tracking, billing, etc. And most important, it is free. Upgrade is also available for more storage, projects and features.


List Builder


SumoMe is a multi-functionality plugin great for growing your list and your traffic, and monitor your website’s activities. In one plugin, you have social media sharing buttons, email optin (pop-ups and ribbon), heat maps and content analytics. All this for free. Upgrade is available for more features.


Payment tools

I use for accepting payment from overseas. It is the easiest and fastest payment tool that I had used so far.




Paypal is the leading payment tool online. If you want to do business online, it is a necessity to have a Paypal account.


Keyword Research

AdwordsGoogle Adword Keyword Tool

If you want to know what keywords or phrases people searches on Google, this is the place to find it.


Keyword SpyKeywordSpy

I use this to search for other blogs using the same keywords that I’m using. From here, I can see their status and activities. I also use this tool for keyword research; what’s working and what’s not. Free and Premium accounts are available.


eBook Creator


Sigil is my favorite eBook creation software. It is easy to use and it’s free.



Sigil only saves ePub format. After saving the file on Sigil as ePub, I use Calibre to convert it into mobi file. Calibre can convert files into lots of formats. It is also great for eBook reader for all eBook formats including Kindle, ePub, PDF, etc.




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