If you’ve been a Virtual Assistant or a Freelancer working at home online for quite some time and your “iron is hot”, you might neglect about getting rest. It is most probably that you’re excited or enthusiastic on accepting more clients that you can handle. Your reason: it’s not permanent. There could be times that there will be no projects to do. But there will never be good reason for neglecting enough rest.

I had this kind of experience when clients keep on coming. They are actually coming instead of me applying or bidding for projects. The time comes that I don’t answer on job proposals anymore. What I’d do is to maintain my current clients. But still, some of my past clients are calling back to assign some projects.

And there are times that I could sleep for only four hours. Well, for some people, it is enough. I even heard someone that a three-hour sleep is enough for him. I would feel like a zombie if I get the same hours of sleep. We all know that the ideal length for sleep is eight hours. And I agree. Getting enough sleep will boost your alertness which will make you more productive.

Whenever I don’t get enough sleep, I tend to get sluggish and my brain processes slower. And if I maintain it in consecutive days, most probably than not, I will get sick.

You may already heard about the new idea on working schedule. They say that you must work only on hours when you are productive, instead of working 8 hours or the entire day. You choose the time of the day and that is the best time for you to work no matter if it is on daytime or night time.

But if you get enough sleep for the day, you will get enough energy and sustain your alertness for longer hours. And this means more work done every day, and more money.

And although we get enough sleep for the day, we still have to take a nap at the middle of the day if needed (e.g. if we feel drowsy).

Coffee cannot substitute sleep. It just help us to kickstart faster after waking up and helps to add more alertness during the wake up time.

I’m sure you know the feeling whenever weekend is coming. Not only it means day offs from work but your mind also pictures your bed and waking up late in the morning. But why don’t we do it on weekdays too? If you have to be up early in the morning, then go to bed early so you can get that long sleep that you need.

If you have some trouble getting sleep, a little bit of a background sound may help. You can also use this to boost productivity during work.


Here are also some videos that inform you about the importance of sleep.