If you already have the small Windows logo on your system tray, you already know the news. But if not, read along.

Microsoft is offering a free upgrade on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 to Windows 10. You just have to make a reservation by subscribing through email and they will send you notification on your PC and email when the installation is ready. The reported release date is July 29 this year.

Windows 10 upgradeTo make your reservation, click on the white, small Windows icon on your system tray and from there, you’ll be able to make your reservation.

So why are they suddenly giving away free upgrades? What’s the catch?

When I saw the offering of free upgrade on my PC, I immediately checked Google for the news (as a VA, Google is your best friend). And I found out that it was legit.

PC World stated that a free upgrade is a move from Microsoft to encourage their users to take the path that they want us to take which is service-centric and cloud-connected future which makes sense because I had seen this changes since MS Office 2010.

And this encouragement seems more legitimate since Windows 8 didn’t get much acceptance from its users and lots of us stayed in the old version Windows 7. So the last move from Microsoft to direct its users to its vision didn’t succeeded.

For a more practical reason, they gave it away for free because logically, no one, or only a small number, would be excited to buy a new Windows OS after a failure from its previous version, aside from the fact that Apple has been giving away free OS upgrade.

Now, for some concerns, I had read from Cnet that the upgrade would cause some incompatibility between the new OS and some of your apps and software.

To check this, click the Windows icon on your system tray and click the settings icon (the three horizontal bars which is called the hamburger icon). A panel will appear and click ‘Check your PC’. It will show some information including incompatibilities if there are any. If you see compatibility issues, don’t worry. Microsoft is still working on the new OS and your compatibility issues could be fixed before the release. Check back again from time to time to see if the issues were fixed.

In my case, there’s no big incompatibility. One software appeared but I wouldn’t mind removing it if it weren’t fixed. But before I execute the installation, I will read more reviews first after the release to see if the new version is worth it.

I’m kinda excited about the Windows 10 update. Aside from it’s free, it seems to have cool new features. But still, I would like to hear your opinions first. Please share your thoughts about this.

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